In the year 2048, people are raving about a fighting race called "Immortal Grand Prix", or IGPX in short, which is faster and more exciting than any of the existing motor sports. The phenomenon is so big that an entire city was built for the racing industry where competitions take place on a huge track. In the "Immortal Grand Prix," two teams of three IG machines, high-tech humanoid mechs driven by humans, race at speeds greater than 400km/h. The teams make three laps of a 60 km course while intercepting the opponent as they vie for a first place finish. The best machine performance, the best pilots and the best teamwork are the only factors that can make them the winners.

The new season starts this year, as Team Satomi, winner of the lower league IG-2 past season, joins the top league IG-1 competition. Under the guidance of Satomi, the team shrewd female owner, four young pilots, Takeshi, Liz, Amy and River, run for the top of the world! But their opponents in the league overwhelm Team Satomi in every aspect, including strategy and skill, as well as funding. How are Takeshi and his comrades going to face the challenge?

TV air date in Japan: October 5, 2005
TV air date in the USA: November 5, 2005


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Takeshi Jinno

Liz Ricarro
Amy Stapleton
River Marque