Mitsuru Hongo (IGPX Director)
I have never been involved in anything in the past where I wished for everyone to watch it so badly. We are all trying very hard to make this the most entertaining animation ever. We will let the audience make the judgment on how different this is from anything else. The story gets more interesting as the season progresses, so I hope everyone stays tuned in to watch more IGPX!

Hidekazu Terakawa (Producer, Production I.G)
A crew of talented animators centered around Director Hongo have come together as a team and are making progress on the production work for IGPX. The greater the difficulties we face in the various aspects of the production, the greater the sense that we want our work to be seen by as many as possible. We are obviously feeling the pressure of having to deal with the unimaginable scale of producing a work that will air in 160 countries. But all those involved in the project are working as a team and giving it everything they can so that after all is done, they will be able to proudly claim that this represents their major work!

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (President of Production I.G)
I am very honored for Production I.G to collaborate with, and for our show to be broadcast on the world's largest animation network, viewed in 160 countries. This co-production relationship with Cartoon Network is what truly motivated our staff to create such an amazing piece of work.

Jim Samples (General Manager of Cartoon Network)
Toonami brought Japanese animation to a new generation of fans, showcasing popular anime series like Dragonball Z, The Big O and YuYu Hakusho. Now, Toonami is the first to team up with one of the most respected and well-known animation studios in Japan, Production I.G, with this new approach on production, setting the stage for future co-productions.

Sean Akins (Executive Producer/Creative Director, Cartoon Network)
Few people get a chance to do something new - IGPX is exactly that. It's different from any anime I have seen, and that was the intention. Production I.G has surpassed their already high standards and delivered a project exceeding all expectations. I am thrilled to be associated with IGPX, it's sure to capture the imagination of animation fans worldwide. For the fans of Cartoon Network, of Toonami, of Production I.G, and for anyone who has ever dreamed of having a giant robot, this show is for them.

Jason DeMarco (Sr. Writer/Producer, Music Supervisor, Cartoon Network)
From the beginning of our discussions about Cartoon Network doing a co-production with a Japanese studio, Production I.G was at the top of a very short list. It has been truly inspiring to break new ground in the international animation community with one of the most talented studios around. We have all been pushing our creative limits to produce an action cartoon like nothing that's been seen before. Director Mitsuru Hongo and his team have attempted to push the boundaries of what anime can be, and the results are very exciting. I hope everyone loves IGPX as much as we do!