TAF Photo Gallery

We have uploaded the photo gallery of the IGPX Press Conference that took place on April 1st, on the stage of Tokyo International Anime Fair 2005. For about 30 minutes, the representatives of Production I.G and Cartoon Network explained their revolutionary business plans for IGPX, as well as some candid remarks from Mr. Ishikawa.

Take your seats...

Take your seats...

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (President / Production I.G)

Hidekazu Terakawa

Hidekazu Terakawa (Producer / Production I.G)

Jim Samples

Jim Samples (General Manager / Cartoon Network)

Sean Akins

Sean Akins (Executive Producer & Creative Director / Cartoon Network)

Jason DeMarco

Jason DeMarco (Writer, Producer, Music Supervisor / Cartoon Network)

The Big Bosses

The Big Bosses

"I've heard that Sean bought the first suit in his life just for this press conference". Ishikawa's remarks makes Sean and Jim burst into laughter.