JUNE 2005

June 3, 2005
Hello, it's OO.
We had voice actor auditions last week. We got seven CDs worth of voice samples that we had to choose from.
It's been a smooth operation; we decide who we're going to use after listening to the voice samples we get the day before, and discussing with them what they can do.
However, it's been extremely difficult choosing the right voice for the lead character "Saya". Because that's the main character, there voice has to possess a certain "sparkle", not only in terms of technical ability, but also in terms of disposition. We listened to the sample voices over and over.
The work of adding the voices in the end was akin to infusing the characters with life. Or at least this is what I pondered, on this night under the crescent moon.

June 10, 2005
Hello, it's OO.
We had a meeting in Tokyo with Katsuya Terada, who will be designing something for Blood+. With his pen, he swiftly produced some draft designs as the director talked about his vision for the series. It seemed Terada-san never ran out of ideas. When the director finished talking, he showed us the drawings and said, "How do you like these?" Wow! I thought he was just scribbling, but he came up with such high quality drawings! They were awesome. I was convinced that his designs would add greater depth to the world of Blood+ as I walked home this night under the crescent moon.

June 17, 2005
Hello, it's OO.
We held audition for Blood+ in Tokyo yesterday. Let me say that voice actors these days (or people who are trying to be voice actors) sure are beautiful. They were all slim, and every one of them had great looks. The casting is proceeding smoothly.

I think we've done a good job of coming up with an aggressive cast suitable to the theme of the series. It'll still be a while until the film work is complete, but you can be sure to look forward to the voices as well. We shall be announcing them soon.

June 24, 2005
Hello, it's OO.
There's an expression that goes "my head goes completely white". I think it means that the mind goes blank as a result of being stunned and not being able to think. Anyway, something like that happened to me today. I suppose this was as good a time as any for something to go horribly wrong.

If this were to happen during a broadcast, we would have to completely resort to reruns. Anyway, since this was my mistake, I'd better learn from it and renew my efforts. By the way, I heard the music for the opening theme (still in production). I may not know much about music, but as I listened to it, I felt that we were lucky to get such a great singer to sing the song. This is another thing you can look forward to.