APRIL 2005

April 9, 2005
At long last we start with the Blood TV series production diary.
Taking the lead in this project is myself, OO (Double O) of Production I.G. I am the producer for the Blood TV series.
Well, it took a while to get this project rolling, what with keeping the story under wraps and all, but time has passed quickly and here we are.
By the way, I may be the only one to write these notes, but I'll be sure to check in on all the veterans and the hard-working rookies on the team, including Falcon, Snow White, Matty and Long Skirt. They're a really fun bunch to work with, so you can expect some interesting stories along the way. The plan is to update this page on a weekly basis, so be sure to drop by every week.
Well, we're nowhere near the film stage yet, but you can look forward to the ongoing updates right up to the time when the final episode is aired.

April 15, 2005
Hello, it's OO.
I can't really tell you much about the series, but I'll let you have a peek. Like, there will be some characters in school uniforms.
One day I asked Matty to come up with some design ideas from the Web.
After a couple of hours, Matty said, "I found a really good website." and sent me dozens of images that he downloaded. Grateful for his efforts, I opened the files... But something was wrong with these photos: The faces of the girls were all pixilated and blurred.
"What happened to the faces?" I asked. And he answered nonchalantly, "Oh, I picked them up from a website that sells used school-girl uniforms."
Well, I don't really need any ideas for faces... but I couldn't sleep well that night under crescent moon.

April 22, 2005
Hey, it's OO.
Well, the production notes are coming along amazingly! People are already getting their backs up about who picked the nicknames without checking, and about having been tricked. Things are getting a little messy.
Maybe it's high time I talk about the TV series, "Blood."
We worked on the storyboarding for one of the episodes the other day. A very well known director, who also happened to be a senior of mine in college, is leading the work.
Back in college, I dreamed about working with him one day. So I'm pretty lucky that it happened.
On this night under the crescent moon, I ponder at how creative work is the result of personal connections among people with talent.