Tsubasa Chronicle
The Princess of the Birdcage Kingdom

I will protect you.
Even if I had to fly
beyond the other side of the sky...

A girl has lost her memories. And the boy who loves her is ready to travel across unknown dimensions to save her.

Syaoran visits the "Dimension Witch" in a desperate bid to save his love, Sakura, who had lost all her memory. The witch tells him that the only way is to collect feathers, the lost memories of Sakura, that had been scattered away into different worlds beyond this dimension. The boy needs a mean to travel to other worlds. The "remuneration" that the witch asks for in exchange for granting his wish is the relationship with Sakura: if Syaoran succeeds to retrieve all Sakura's memories, at the same time he will no longer be part of them. But Syaoran does not hesitate; "No matter what. I want to help Sakura!"
Syaoran departs with fellow travelers who have come from other worlds: Kurogane, a swordsman, Fai, a magician who can't use magic, and Mokona=Modoki who will be the guide. He is determined to collect Sakura's memories, which were blown away as feathers. "I will go, even though I will no longer be a part..."

Syaoran and Sakura visit the Birdcage Kingdom guided by Mokona=Modoki who was loaned by Yuko, the Dimension Witch. This world was supposed to be a peaceful land where people lived with birds as partners. But now the king is oppressing his subjects: those who do not obey him are deprived of their birds, and the people have come to live in misery. The king rules the land with the power of a mysterious feather. Is this one of Sakura's memory fragments?
Separated from Kurogane and Fai, Syaoran and Sakura, along with Mokona, land in a deep forest. They are attacked by a boy named Koruri, who mistakes them for the king's guards. He explains them that he is protecting Princess Tomoyo from her uncle, the king, who took away her bird and sealed her voice. For the sad princess Tomoyo hiding in the forest, for Koruri and his friends who are protecting her, and for all the oppressed people of the land, now Syaoran is determined to face the cruel king!

Release in Japan: August 20, 2005
Format: 1 x 35'

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